it's been half a year since we said i do. our story is a lot of things...fun, wild, sad, tough, brave, loving, courageous, sweet, and growing. we carried that theme into our wedding day it seemed, minus the sad. just like all other married couples we had quite an adventure leading to and following the altar.

the night before, we hosted our rehearsal dinner. it was quite lovely. our families met, chatted, shared good food, and laughs. then the rain started to slowly creep in. before we knew it we had a full down pour! we thought it would fade but it only got worse!

we packed our bags as soon as we returned home (i hadn't packed for our wedding day yet and it was 10 pm the night before?!?! that was SO unlike me). the amount of decor and clothes that were coming along did not all fit in my car. great. so we pack up both vehicles, pick up my mom, and head out. oh, it was 2am at this point. 

we live in houston which means everything is miles and miles apart. we drove to the galleria area and arrived around 3am. we drove in an awful, i mean a-w-f-u-l rain storm. my sweet fiancé followed behind us. luckily we all arrived safe and sound. and dry.

oh, but now we have to unload all this stuff? and there's no covered parking? and it's still pouring outside? and it's 3am?! perfect. a couple of things my husband is great at is doing things quickly and being crazy. so he nearly pulls in to the hotel lobby, yes lobby, un packs everything, and all is well. nothing is wet and we can all finally get some rest. it was bye-bye until we say i-do!

my mom and i enter the lovely bridal suite, ooo and ahhh, and pass out. it was now 4am. my alarm starts blaring at 7am, and honestly i felt rested, calm, and ready for the day. we woke up to a beautiful sunrise, we just knew this was going to be a great day. and it was.

we start decorating, my amazing friends start arriving to help and i couldn't ask for things to go any smoother. thank god for them because if not, then that wouldn't have been the case. all of the fans are hung, the tables are set, every detail is complete. it was time to go transform in to a bride.

i felt so relaxed. beyond calm. i couldn't explain it. it's like all i had worried about didn't even matter at this point. i was marrying john soon, the people i adore are surrounding me, really what more is there? then...

knock, knock-it's picture time. the butterflies started creeping in and it all started to feel real. everything started happening so quickly, photos were being taken, i was seeing my sweet dad for the first time, we were getting calls that it was showtime!

john and i decided to do a first look. we wanted a moment to ourselves to really take it all in. you can see in the video how perfectly awkward we are. we are both shy, i really don't care to have any sort of attention on me, and it was the first time seeing my groom! or was it? no, i saw him 2 minutes earlier on my way to meet him outside. oh, wedding days are funny with all their mishaps.

none of that mattered now. i finally got to hug my love and give him kisses. which is really all i ever want to do. as we were taking our pictures it started to sprinkle. i brought umbrellas, no biggie! ha!

soon after the peaceful moments of getting to hold him, it was time to say i do! the moments just started going quicker and quicker. i held on to them like my life depended on it!

i walked up to the ballroom, hugged my future family, saw a couple of friends, and latched on to my dads arm. i had no idea the amount of emotion that was about to completely take over. and i mean completely. you saw the video. john and i had gone through so much to get to this moment so when it finally came true i couldn't contain the happiness. the music came on, my dad whispered this was it, and immidiately tears just rushed down my face.

the song that played on my way down the aisle. "Gold, by The Swell Season"

i finally reached his hands and it was time to say our vows. our vows were beautiful and our readings were full of love (you can hear tad bits in the video). he calmed me and my tear flow calmed too. we were then announced "Mr. and Mrs. John Anthony Oettli". WOW, we did it! 

the song that played during our exit. "Sky full of Stars, by Coldplay"

the song couldn't have reflected the mood any better. we were happy. happy we didn't pass out and happy we were officially married! it was time to party and have a great time with the people we love the absolute most! but not before i could drag him outdoors for some pictures. it was only pouring rain and we were only in the most expensive things we own! oh well, we did it anyway. you know why? because i'm clearly nuts and he supports everything i do, that's why!

so we hopped in the back of some sooped up "fast n' furious" car and drove out to find our location. the streets were flooding and there's no sign of the rain stopping. i quickly decided this was a bad idea but it was too late. we jump out of the car, snap some pics, john gets extreamly soaked, and we head back. not without missing our turn and getting lost first. oy vey.

have you ever seen a photographer, videographer, bride and groom in a bathroom blow drying a suit? well you should, it's hilarious. ok, he's dry and now it's time for the grand entrance. phew! john and i just can't seem to do things the easy way. 

the rest of the night was peaceful. we were surrounded by the loves in our lives, we ate delicious food prepped by my amazing chef daddy of mine, we danced for the first time, and everyone truly enjoyed themselves.

the night ended and it was time for the husband and i to enjoy each other. this was my favorite part of the day. my parents sent a dessert and cheese tray to our room, my hubby bought us a fancy bottle of champagne, and our friends and family spoiled us with many heartfelt cards to read and gifts to appreciate. we sat there and read them all together while we stuffed our faces and just talked. it was magical.

the next morning we did something i had been looking forward to so so much. room service. not just any room service, room service with french toast. french toast is my favorite and being on a wedding day diet stinks so yeah, it was go time! we enjoyed being lazy in bed, then walked to the ballroom we said i do in for one last goodbye. i teared up and he held me close. we said goodbye and left.

remember how i said we took two cars? well, again he followed me home to make sure i got back safely. unfortunately, he was not so lucky. my poor husband got in a wreck. he brushed it off , he was fine and most of our decorations were OK! phew! he really handles things quite well, i would've been a hot mess. wait, i was.

with all of that past us it was now time to enjoy our newlywed party. our families gathered at our house and we celebrated becoming one.

thank you for enjoying this with me. i love reliving our wedding day, any chance i get.

cheers to 6 months + many many more!