during our wedding planning i didn't put much thought into our vows. i didn't know much about the ceremony part. i figured, i'll plan out all the hard stuff like decor, food, music and then worry about that. when it came to the time i was finally going to worry about this part i realized, this is actually the most important part! these were the words i was going to speak to my fiancé as he became my husband, my first words as i transitioned into a wife.

luckily i remembered seeing some beautiful, but i really mean beautiful-heartfelt-passionate poems on tumblr. i could not remember who they were by, great. so i went into the history of my "likes" and knew i'd eventually find it. can you think of an easier way i could've found them?? oh well, the good thing is I FOUND THEM!

i read countless poems that were very romantic but i wanted more than that, i wanted that "feeling" when you know it just fits. i found these two readings, showed them to john and he agreed, this was it. as our officiant read them we looked into each other and i just sobbed and watched john try not to cry (which is quite sweet and funny all at the same time).

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Karilyn Jackson