i love my family and i love food so thanksgiving is basically my favorite. there's nothing better than a cozy day full of home cooked specialties and enjoying festivities with family. two years ago john and i spent our first thanksgiving together. it felt magical and we were overjoyed at the experience. we wanted to document it and hold on to every piece of that day.

during dessert we grabbed a notepad, ripped out some pages and passed them around the table. we asked everyone to write down what they were thankful for that year. it was wonderful listening to everyone and being surrounded by blessed feelings. we enjoyed it so much we decided we'd start a tradition. now every year i create a card for everyone, collect them after they write what they're thankful for and keep them safe so every year we can look back. we are thankful to be celebrating thanksgiving as newlyweds this year! let the holidays begin!

you can download the template here

just print + cut+ and pass them out!

place them on everyones place setting and hopefully you too start the tradition!

Karilyn Jackson