dove designs



word origin 2011

  • grade school. i spend my school years doodling and daydreaming. kids would actually pay me to draw their names. so, you might say i've been designing fonts since grade school?

  • college. after doodling my way through school i was "ready" for college; art school of course. i originally wanted to study fashion design but was told by an advisor that it sounded like graphic design would be more my thing. at first i thought, what does he know? turns out, he was right! 

  • graduated. landed a job just two months out of college. i was the lead graphic designer at a local wedding stationery shop. woohoo! thanks to my mom (who is never too shy to get what she wants) who landed me the job interview! i owe you mami!

  • quit job. you thought a fairytale was coming, didn't you? well, no. i realized that i loved this form of design. everything from the wedding world to the creative freedom. i knew i needed to be able to express my style and design in a way that felt true to me and not just produce "clip art" designs.

  • launched dove designs. went full blast, designed my own in home studio, designed and built my brand from the ground up. i liked the direction i was going in and then i didn't. i've grown a lot since, i've gotten a lot smarter in design and detail, i've changed, and so has my style. 

  • now. this is the re-launch. i've worked late nights, 70+ hour weeks, went mad because i couldn't seem to design pieces that i loved or felt passionate about. but then it started to flow and my creativity slowly started coming back. that creativity brought new designs, new direction, and this blog.

  • blog. welcome. i am a newlywed, a recent bride. i have so much to share, newlywed life + wedding planning help + design inspiration + everyday life. thank you for visiting; hope to see you often.

nice to meet you!