it's almost february! i love february, i'd like to say it's my favorite month but then there's...april, july, august, december, so it's definitely one of my favorites. february's just so cute with all of the whimsy valentines stuff everywhere!

so with a new month comes a new calendar! remember this post? i'm keeping with the theme of calendars based off of a special wedding song of ours. "sugar" seems fitting for february and "sugar" also seemed fitting for our cake cutting! our cake cutting was quite hilarious, that's when we truly realized we have zero idea on how this wedding thing works. but in the end it did and now here's a calendar! feel free to print and use this calendar or create a cute keepsake of your own, just visit our online shop!

image from: studio diy

image from: studio diy

enjoy! (i could dance to this all day!)

Karilyn Jackson