so, i know we're already into the new year but i just couldn't pass up creating this idea!

it's no secret that i obsessed over my wedding last year, if you follow me on instagram or anything you know how true that is (i'm sorry, and i appreciate you sticking around). i hold on to anything that reminds me of that day. one of those things is the music of that night.

our wedding songs will come on the radio once in a while and definitely across my music library. when they do i get little butterflies and all sorts of nostalgic! those songs will always be my favorite. i'm putting that nostalgia into calendar form. each month will have a song title + the artist + doodles.

january: "gold" by fergus o'farrell <<take a listen!

this song played as my dad walked me down the aisle to my husband to be. i have never ever, EVER felt a rush of emotions like that before. i lost all control and cried like a baby all the way down. now every time that song plays, the same feelings rush back.

it's fun looking on my desk and seeing this reminder.

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Karilyn Jackson