Stationery Social | Cinco de Mayo!

hello all! i haven't been designing as much as i'd like to because houston's been under water and driving anywhere takes a couple hours so yeah...that's a time/patience drainer BUT last week i was able to finish up this awesome invitation suite! this is a graduation suite i designed for a PHD grad (go girl)! since we are in graduation season and cinco de mayo is just around the corner it works for both!

menus: they add so much to your table setting and are that extra detail that really grab your guests' attention. can i also add that her menu is so yummy! churros for dessert? yes please!

gift tags: her gift tags doubled as thank you cards. she's tying them around small tequila bottles! it is so important that if your event has a theme you are all in, and she was! what's a mexican fiesta without tequila, i mean...?

place cards: as small as this detail may be it is my favorite! it may be the pattern or the color it adds but it's a lovely addition and it makes your guests feel all warm and fuzzy. i don't know about you but i love when my name is on stuff (cute stuff, not like bills and jury duty notices).

addressed envelopes: go ahead and judge this book by it's cover! you work so hard to create a beautiful piece don't ruin it by having ugly envelopes or as i like to say "bootleg" envelopes. sure, calligraphy's expensive and may not be in your budget but i make sure to offer a budget friendly alternative with these digital addressed envelopes.

if you're looking for a custom invitation or custom designed accessories for your event please visit our online shop to get started! we offer samples and make the process easy for you (just read our reviews). whether you need one invitation or a million we are here to design for you!

Karilyn Jackson