One Year Anniversary | Part 1

hi everyone! we are celebrating over here this week! april 17th will mark our one year wedding anniversary and it's so exciting! we've worked hard to get here but we're here and grateful for it. 

with all of this wedding love in the air, it's inspired me to do a few personal wedding/marriage related posts. anything you're curious about?

for starters here are 5 things about us:

1. it was not love at first sight. he was cute, but he was cocky (ugh). now that's something i love about him. he knows what he's good at but he also loves to know how to improve. he doesn't mind criticism/feedback. this makes him a great listener. 

2. he's mormon and i'm not. clearly i thought this would be the end all. nope! i was welcomed with open arms and i love the man he became by following the values they teach. he is the kind of gentleman that always makes sure i'm loved and taken care of.

3. we are an odd couple. we don't have much in common, but it works really well for us because we get the best of both worlds. i am city girl, he's a suburbs guy. our music styles couldn't be more different. he doesn't like tattoos, i have several (large) tattoos. they've grown on him and before you know it he'll have one (not).

4. he is so in love with basketball. he's met a lot of professional players (i've met blake griffin, woo-hoo). his ultimate goal is to become a general manager for a professional team. he knows more about basketball than anyone knows about anything.

5. i have large goals for this little dove designs thing. i see designers i look up to get into stores like target and bigger names and i'm just in awe! i want that. i want my brand to be adored and recognized. i don't want to stop at paper-i have a lot of big plans!

well that was kind of hard. we're private people but i guess it's fun to break out of that shell here and there. some more marriage posts to come!

Karilyn Jackson