Father's Day Card Printables | Finale

hey everyone! what a somber week this has been and it's only monday, right? i have been trying to keep busy and focus on work, my family, and the support people are giving each other right now. it has still been difficult to erase the bad and the evil things that took place sunday. my heart is heavy for those who lost their lives, their family. those who felt afraid, terrified, and hopeless. i wish it didn't have to be and never was. take this time to find out how to help, how to open your heart.

this is a reminder to never take anyone for granted. i always think of this when it comes to parents especially. i'm looking forward to treating my dad to some special days this weekend and i hope you're finding some happiness in what ever it is you're doing today, tonight, or this weekend.

i could continue to ramble, but i won't. i appreciate you all listening (even if it's only one or two). don't take anything for granted and always try your best to show the world the best side of you. lord knows i'm trying.

(download our patterns from the previous post and print. then use a fancy printer or an xacto knife and cut out the stencil.)

hope you enjoy.

Karilyn Jackson