Summertime Papers

happy weekend everyone! i'm playing around with some wrapping paper patterns because i think it'd be pretty neat to match the stationery, so if you're a fan let me know.

i'm keeping a summertime vibe...there are lots of summer weddings and you need cute wrapping for that special gift right? all of the papers are still in the beginning stages but it's pretty neat bringing it to life!

here's one of our new card designs:
i call it..."flamingos in love". i didn't really but it seems to fit so let's go with it...

also, i'm obsessed with these palm leaves (real and fake). i actually bought one for our house and guess's dying! i can't keep anything alive (plant wise) so if you have some tips, send them my way.

enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! if you'd like to order one of these cards or a custom one please visit our etsy shop.

Karilyn Jackson